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Trevor Carpenter, trevor /at/ photochallenge /dot/ org.

In late 2007 I blogged on my personal blog about my own desire to grow in my photographic skills, the October Challenge. I challenged myself to shoot a genre of photography that was a bit foreign to me, black and whites. A handful of readers decided to follow along and took the challenge too. An idea was born.

When the October Challenge was over, I blogged about how much fun I had and how much I felt that I had grown. Quickly people started telling me that I should do another one. So, with a one month break, I announced the December Challenge. This time we would all commit to shooting a portrait a day, all month long. By the end of December, 2007, over 30 people had participated!

Again, as the December Challenge came to a close, many were asking me, “What’s next?” I decided that I liked the every other month pattern, and choose February, 2008 as the next month. However, I also had just finished following Bill Wadman and his 365Portraits.com. All year long, in 2007, Bill took a portrait a day. How awesome it was to see his amazing work. Wanting to help others accomplish something similar, I decided to launch the 2008 Challenge.

These challenges had been blogged on my personal blog, mixed with posts about my family and my life. With the increased traffic and interest, I decided to dedicate a special location, just for The Challenges. Come follow along as we challenge each other to become better photographers, and maybe one day, you’ll be brave enough to join us!

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Jeremy Brooks, jeremy /at/ photochallenge /dot/ org.

Professionally, I’m a senior software engineer. In my spare time, you can find me tinkering with microcontrollers, electronics, and gadgets of all sorts, and of course shooting and processing photographs. My photography is mostly urban, with a special focus on neon signs, both vintage and modern. I have lived in the San Francisco Bay area for the last 10 years.

I have been playing with cameras for as long as I can remember. My mother always had a camera with her (as evidenced by the massive collection of photo albums in her basement). I started shooting with an old 126 film camera, moved up to my parents 35mm cameras, and finally ended up with my own Vivitar 35mm SLR. This camera served me well for many years, and is still in my possession. In the early 1990’s I started shooting with a digital camera, and gradually got more interested in carrying a camera with me all the time. This led to the purchase of a Panasonic FX3 in 2006, a great little point and shoot which has since been replaced by a Canon XTi. In early 2007, I discovered the idea of photowalking and joined up with Thomas Hawk for a walk through Chinatown. I was hooked, and began shooting on a daily basis.

In 2007, I also discovered photochallenge.org. I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with the challenges, but decided to give the December 2007 challenge a try. This challenge was to take a portrait of a different person every day. Portrait photography was not something I was comfortable with, so this was an ideal way to challenge myself to try something different. It was difficult, but I ended up more comfortable with portrait photography, met some interesting people, and really enjoyed the experience. Buoyed by the positive results of the December Challenge, I jumped on the 2008 Challenge, and I have been addicted to the challenges since. Each one has been a great learning experience. Committing to shoot something every day really makes you think about what you are shooting and makes you plan to get out and shoot every day. I encourage you to try it. Even if you miss a couple of days, you’ll still grow as a photographer from the experience.

I joined Trevor as an author here on photochallenge.org at the end of 2008. I’m looking forward to working with him and all the other photographers out there who have become part of the photochallenge community.

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17 thoughts on “About

  1. Great idea Trevor! I hope to participate in some of these projects!

    I have an idea – with this domain and the goal you have for this site, wouldn’t it be a great place to collate all the various photography projects around the web? How about using posts on this blog to point phototgraphers to other challenges? I have to admit my motivation behind the suggestion is partly selfish, as I am running monthly projects this year myself and would love to have as many people participate as possible. However, as a photographer, I would also like to be able to go to one place to find out about the different projects going on :)

    Good luck with the site!

  2. This looks like fun, but after we take a photo, where do we post them? The flickr site doesn’t look like it has any may photos on it or even info about may photos.

    Thank you!

  3. Thanks to you Jeremy and Trevor for making all this happen for us.
    This looks like a great opportunity to get to know my new camera and find creative ways to participate with this group for the challenge.
    I’ve already started the PhotoChallenge.org but I want to dig some more and learn lots about photography.
    Posting my photos publicly is new and feels a bit odd. But I’d like to get some feedback so that’s the way to do it.
    I’ve noticed that some people have posted photos taken last year like the amazing “it’s a wonderful world” water droplet on the leaf… does this count?
    What are you thoughts on digitally altered photos? ]
    Take care

  4. Wanted to thank you both again for this wonderful idea, yesterdays shot was my 75th day participating in this challenge and have found it has really brought back my enjoyment of photography and taken it another step closer to where I want to be, I still have so much to learn and your site and challenges are inspiring me to keep learning, am going to be traveling a couple of times between now and Jan, but have already made arrangements for a couple of friends to email the daily challenges so I can see them on my Blackberry and keep shooting even if I dont have time to process and post them while traveling

    Thanks again

  5. I love your site, it’s very creative, and i wanna entry but there’s a problem, i cant find where you post the subject the daily, Help please?

  6. Samantha, we have been posting the daily topic as a daily post, found at the main domain, http://photochallenge.org. You can read them all by simply checking out the category for the 2009 Challenge, http://www.photochallenge.org/category/2009challenge/

    However, today’s post is the last of the 2009 Challenge. Tomorrow we start the 2010 Challenge. With the new challenge, we won’t be posting a new theme each day, but a new one each 4 weeks. We’re encouraging all the participants to submit one photo a week, but you can shoot one a day if you prefer.

    Welcome to the Challenge!

  7. I am a beginner but want to improve and I am hoping this will keep me motivated to take pictures I would normally not take and learn something along the way.

  8. Great idea, Trevor. Since I don’t to do anything myself, this will be a special challange! (I just let things flow, ya know?)

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