What's this all about?

This blog is published by Trevor Carpenter. In late 2007 I blogged on my personal blog about my own desire to grow in my photographic skills, the October Challenge. I challenged myself to shoot a genre of photography that was a bit foreign to me, black and whites. A handful of readers decided to follow along and took the challenge too. An idea was born.

When the October Challenge was over, I blogged about how much fun I had and how much I felt that I had grown. Quickly people started telling me that I should do another one. So, with a one month break, I announced the December Challenge. This time we would all commit to shooting a portrait a day, all month long. By the end of December, 2007, over 30 people had participated!

Again, as the December Challenge came to a close, many were asking me, “What’s next?” I decided that I liked the every other month pattern, and choose February, 2008 as the next month. However, I also had just finished following Bill Wadman and his 365Portraits.com. All year long, in 2007, Bill took a portrait a day. How awesome it was to see his amazing work. Wanting to help others accomplish something similar, I decided to launch the 2008 Challenge.

These challenges had been blogged on my personal blog, mixed with posts about my family and my life. With the increased traffic and interest, I decided to dedicate a special location, just for The Challenges. Come follow along as we challenge each other to become better photographers, and maybe one day, you’ll be brave enough to join us!


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