February Challenge recap

Since I’ve already apologized, I won’t wade through my guilt again. However, I am still quite sorry that I dropped the ball and failed to actively participate in my own February Challenge. However, many of you did, and for that I am grateful.

Over 250 photographs were tagged with “februarychallenge” at Flickr and Zooomr. Way to go! Below are just a few of my favorites…

GoldenCabbageIron HeartsGo! Bokeh...I Want To Do It Somewhere FunYellow Number 1quenchiceDayBeautiful day for a walk...Yellow Tailcarry to fireStraight To My HeartConstruction in February

Speaking for myself, even with the few photos I submitted, I have found that even now I’m more aware of the colorful opportunities around me. I see more contrasting color while trying to compose a shot, and I think it’s making me a better photographer.

Thanks again for joining us, and check back here soon for the April Challenge announcement.


3 thoughts on “February Challenge recap

  1. I too, failed to finish off the challenge, and I don’t exactly know why, too many other things going on in my life I guess. C’est La Guerre.

    I look forward to the next one, and I am honored that you chose one of my Red photos as your favorite, for the month despite me not moving on to other colors. 🙂


  2. Trevor – thanks for featuring some of my shots. I had a lot of fun with the Feb challenge. Though it was, well, challenging, you are right that it really does heighten one’s awareness of color.


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