September Challenge, week 3: Kids!

Let me tell you, I love to shoot my kids! Shoot photos, that is…

How you doing?  Are you keeping up? It looks like only a few folks are continuing to participate in this month’s challenge. That’s fine with me, mainly because I facilitate these Photo Challenges because I need the motivation to try new things, and shoot on a schedule. I figured, a while ago, that there were others who like a little push too.

So, if you’re still wanting to participate, get out and do it! There’s no rule against joining a challenge mid-month. So, feel welcome.

This week’s focus, during our month long portrait shooting, is children. We’re trying to challenge our gift and shoot the kids. Darren has a good blog post at the Digital Photography School, for shooting kids. Oh yeah, and here’s another sweet article on shooting kids.

DSC_3631Rex AuerAhhhh! My toe!


3 thoughts on “September Challenge, week 3: Kids!

  1. I’m still participating, but unfortunately, my pool of people is small and schedules are conflicting. I wonder if others are having the same issue. I really hope to have more submissions this week, because I love photographing kids. Think I’m gonna have to ask strangers to take shots of their kids, though, because most kids I know are too old now 😦

    Would you consider a tween (12-14) a kid still?


  2. Why not! If all you can find are tweens, then shoot away!

    Also, shooting strangers’ kids might work, if you have a photo/business card and can offer them a way to view the photos. You might even offer them copies, at least digital copies, to offset any apprehension they may have.


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