2009 Challenge, Day 2: Pens

It’s day 2 of the 2009 Challenge, and the topic today is PENS. Fountain pens, ball point pens, markers, promotional pens, you name it. It can be a photo of just a pen, or a photo with a pen in it. Here are some examples to get you inspired. Ready? Go!

Art from both ends by kreg.steppe
"Art from both ends" by kreg.steppe
let the writings begin by t3mujin
"let the writings begin" by t3mujin
Crayola by Thomas Hawk
"Crayola" by Thomas Hawk
"Seven Pens" by Jeremy Brooks

3 thoughts on “2009 Challenge, Day 2: Pens

  1. Derek, we’ve decided to announce each day’s topic, the day before (here in the western hemisphere). This allows our Aussie (and assorted Asian folks) to be given the topic, at some point near the beginning of their day.

    The benefit for us is that we get it a little early, so we can plan ahead.


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