2009 Challenge, Day 116: SCHOOL

"Walking to School", by cindy47452

Today’s theme for the 2009 Challenge is SCHOOL. Now, before you set out to go photography a neighborhood school, consider that you may be contacted by the local law enforcement agency. If you’re not careful, you could be seen as a little off. So, be aware, and safe. I’m less interested in helping you exercise your rights to photograph from a public sidewalk, and more interested in you simply stretching your art form. So, please use some common sense. With that said, I’m a bit excited to see what you guys come up with, whilst interpreting the idea that is, school.

"Abandoned School", by Atelier Teee

Once you’re ready to submit your work to Flickr, you’ve got to do two important things. First, make sure you tag your photos correctly; “2009challenge″ and “2009challenge116“. Also, if you haven’t already, join the PhotoChallenge group on Flickr. Then, submit each day’s photo to the group’s pool.

"School Room", by Rob Shenk

To see all of the shots for today’s challenge, click here:



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