May Challenge, 2009

It’s that time again! Time for the May Challenge. I must say, that past year plus had been quite fun. I enjoy watching each of you get the challenge and head out into the world to hunt down whatever we’ve asked of you. You all do such a wonderful job with all the challenges!

"Brought to You by the Letter "T", by B Tal

This month, the month of May, 2009, we’re going to have you head out into the world and find natural occurrences and man made occurrences of the English alphabet. Each day will be a new letter, starting with the letter “A”. I can map it out if you wish. We won’t be publishing a daily reminder for it though, as the 2009 Challenge consumes our efforts each day.

"S", by Joseph Robertson


  • May 1st = A
  • May 2nd = B
  • May 3rd = C
  • May 4th = D
  • May 5th = E
  • etc

Take a look at the few examples I’ve included for you to get started. Make sure to tag all your work correctly; “maychallenge2009”. You can add others, but that is the most important one. When you submit each shot to the Flickr group, please only submit one for each day. Feel free to shoot more than one each day, and tag them all, but only one to the group. This will help the moderators to keep a smooth flow within the group’s pool.

On the last couple of days, feel free to select a letter you missed or have found another good subject. Don’t get caught up with large letters, you may simply choose to shoot a macro. Mix it up, have fun, but above all learn!

"Letter C, in Neon (Crazy California)", by cobalt123

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