July Challenge, 2009: The Daily Grind

It’s almost July, which means that it’s time for another bi-monthly photo challenge! In May, the challenge was to shoot one photo per day. Since so many of you are doing the 2009 Challenge as well, we will only be asking for 3 photos per week for the July Challenge.

The theme for the July Challenge is “The Daily Grind”. What do you do for work? What work do you see being done around you? This month, we will be shooting work.

The PULL by !!sahrizvi!!
"The PULL" by !!sahrizvi!!

Since we will be shooting only three photos each week for this challenge, you should have time to plan out what type of work you would like to shoot each week. You could pick a theme for each week, such as “My Work”, “Food Service Work”, “Construction Work”, etc. Or you could shoot whatever catches your eye during the week. There is a lot of flexibility in this theme, so you can use your imagination and have some fun!

The Novelist by iDream_in_Infrared
"The Novelist" by iDream_in_Infrared

Take a look at the few examples I’ve included for you to get started. Make sure to tag all your work correctly; “julychallenge2009″. You can add others, but that is the most important one. As you post your shots, be sure to add them to the photochallenge pool on Flickr. You can submit all three photos for the week on the same day if you wish, but keep in mind that the pool has a limit of four photos per day. If you want to see all the photos for this challenge that have been submitted to the pool, you can us this link: http://www.flickr.com/search/groups/?q=julychallenge2009&w=658128%40N22&m=pool

untitled, by zeyneparkok
untitled, by zeynep'arkok

Start planning now. The first week is a short one! And most importantly, have fun!


2 thoughts on “July Challenge, 2009: The Daily Grind

  1. You didn’t put what the tag/tags should be to put this in the photo pool under? At least not anywhere that I’ve seen. 🙂


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