2009 Challenge, Day 224: SKYLINE

Today is Wednesday, August 12, 2009. Today’s theme for the 2009 Challenge is SKYLINE.

Winter Skyline by Philipp Klinger
"Winter Skyline" by Philipp Klinger

Today’s challenge will most likely result in a wide variety of photographs, depending on where you are located in the world. If you live in a city, your skyline might be buildings and power lines. If you live in a more rural area, your skyline might be trees and mountains. When is your skyline the most interesting? Often, sunrise and sunset make a skyline look more dramatic, while shooting the skyline during the day can reveal the details.

Jul Jumps Pittsburgh by elston
"Jul Jumps Pittsburgh" by elston

Once you’re ready to submit your work to Flickr, you’ve got to do two important things. First, make sure you tag your photos correctly; “2009challenge″ and “2009challenge224“. Also, if you haven’t already, join the PhotoChallenge group on Flickr. Then, submit each day’s photo to the group’s pool.

Landscape - Green View, Halla by Olaf S
"Landscape - Green View, Halla" by Olaf S

To see all of the shots for today’s challenge, click here:



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