September Challenge, 2009

I bet you all thought I had forgotten about the September Challenge!

Nope, I’ve got Jeremy keeping me on my toes.

You know, these monthly challenges were the bread and butter of, in the beginning. Yeah, the very first challenge I cast was in the month of October, in 2007. The actual challenge was for everyone to focus on one area of photography that they wanted to improve upon. I chose black and whites. I shot only black and white, all month long. It was a great challenge! I learned a whole lot too!

After that, we did another challenge in December, and the every-other-month pattern stuck. So here we are at the next month, ready for a new challenge. But, we’re already shooting a fresh challenge, EVERY SINGLE DAY! Yes, yes, I know. Several of you will do both, maybe even trying to blend each challenge. Others of you will try one or the other. That’s cool too.

Whatever you do, keep shooting! I’ve been a bum lately, only shooting occasionally. However, this September Challenge, I’m gonna shoot!

Ok, let’s get to it. Since that first challenge taught me so much, I want to spread the wealth. I want to see you all shoot a black and white each day. For the truly top notch among you, I’d love to see a commitment to shoot only black and whites, all month. Can you do it? I think so.

The basic important stuff is that you need to tag your work properly on Flickr. Just make sure to add the tag, “SeptemberChallenge2009” to each shot. Then add “SeptemberChallenge2009-01” to each day’s submission, making sure to update the last number dor each day.


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