2009 Challenge, Day 269: GRAFFITI

Today is Saturday, September 26, 2009. Today’s theme for the 2009 Challenge is GRAFFITI.

Chek by funkandjazz
"Chek" by funkandjazz

Graffiti can be found almost everywhere, from a simple scrawl on a wall to elaborate, artistic murals that take considerable skill to render. Since this challenge is on a Saturday, perhaps you will have some time to explore your area and find a particularly interesting example of graffiti to shoot.

Immortality by Plug 1
"Immortality" by Plug 1

Once you’re ready to submit your work to Flickr, you’ve got to do two important things. First, make sure you tag your photos correctly; “2009challenge″ and “2009challenge269“. Also, if you haven’t already, join the PhotoChallenge group on Flickr. Then, submit each day’s photo to the group’s pool.

untitled, by jordi.martorell
untitled, by jordi.martorell

To see all of the shots for today’s challenge, click here:



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