2009 Challenge, Day 304: FRONT DOOR

Today is Saturday, October 31st, 2009. Today’s theme for the 2009 Challenge is FRONT DOOR.

The House of Red by Grayman !.
"The House of Red", by Grayman !

For those of you from communities or cultures that don’t celebrate Halloween, don’t worry. I chose a theme that could still be enjoyed, even if your front door isn’t decorated up to scare the local children.

i'm sorry, but skeletons are cute by JKönig.
"i'm sorry, but skeletons are cute", by JKönig

Once you’re ready to submit your work to Flickr, you’ve got to do two important things. First, make sure you tag your photos correctly; “2009challenge″ and “2009challenge304“. Also, if you haven’t already, join the PhotoChallenge group on Flickr. Then, submit each day’s photo to the group’s pool.

The joys of mutilating a cucurbita maxima", by DaizyB”]224/365 days: [ stab.cut.carve ] The joys of mutilating a cucurbita maxima by DaizyB.To see all of the shots for today’s challenge, click here:



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