2010 Challenge Themes

Here are all the themes for the 2010 Challenge, followed by the themes for the 2010 Monthly Challenges:

Weeks 1-4 (January 1 – January 23): RESOLUTION

Weeks 5-8 (January 24 – February 20): NATURAL LANDSCAPE

Weeks 9-12 (February 21 – March 20): SIGNS

Weeks 13-16 (March 21 – April 17): DOWN LOW

Weeks 17-20 (April 18 – May 15): FLOWERS

Weeks 21-24 (May 16 – June 12): GADGETS

Weeks 25-28 (June 13 – July 10): COLOR THEORY

Weeks 29-32 (July 11 – August 7): SYMMETRY

Weeks 33-36 (August 8 – September 4): MACRO

Weeks 37-40 (September 5 – October 2): DOORWAYS

Weeks 41-44 (October 3 – 30) : ARCHITECTURE

Weeks 45-48 (October 31 – November 27): SHIFTING SEASON

Weeks 49-52 (November 28 – December 31): FEET

Monthly Challenges

February: I Ate This

April: Entropy

June: Black & White

August: Vehicles

October: Spooky

December: Portrait


21 thoughts on “2010 Challenge Themes

  1. This is the first time I have joined a challenge. I signed up for a Flickr acct. I found the photchallenge.org group and joined. I was confused that the photos were grouped by name, not by challenge….so I wasn’t sure how to upload my photo to get it to the right place. Is there a tutorial for that? Thanks, looking forward to the challenge…


  2. Suzanne,
    On the Flickr group the photos are, for the most part, organized simply by the date they were added to the Pool.

    The easiest way to view photos within a specific challenge would be to view them by their tag. So, for instance, the brand new 2010 Challenge submissions are supposed to be tagged with “2010challenge“. However, we also ask that everyone tag their photos with the tag for the given week, like “2010challenge01“, for week #1.

    So, making sure that you tag your photos correctly, and then submitting them to the group’s pool, you should have no problem seeing your photos included when we search for each week’s submissions.

    We’ve obviously overlooked helping new photographers fold into the community. Sorry.

    The Guidelines page will help you get started. Then, each challenge’s post will have the important tags included at the bottom of the post.

    I’m glad you’ve decided to join us! I hope you have as much fun as I have had!


  3. Thank you for you quick reply. I will go back to Flickr and see if I get my photo on….I am looking forward to the challenge. I have read a great many posts here and folks are excited by the challenge and the opportunity to improve. I believe this will be a positive experience….


  4. Sorry to be a ‘challenge’ myself…..I uploaded my photo with the tag….2010challenge01 but it did not show up in the group. There were several photos there and they talked about resolution so I found the group but just don’t know how to get my photo there…thx


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