April Challenge, 2010: Entropy

I know, I know. We’ve shot Entropy several times in the past couple of years. But it’s just so much fun!

A Warning of Entropy - 8/365
"A Warning of Entropy - 8/365", by Jer Kunz

This monthly challenge fits our every-other-month challenge. Yes, we’re facilitating the 2010 Challenge, which has you shooting one really great image each week. That challenge is designed to force you to think, plan, and create really wonderful art. The monthly challenges are more geared to force you to get out and shoot with a bit of discomfort. If you’re not frustrated at least once during a monthly challenge, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough!

Entropy #23
"Entropy #23", by Wolfman-K

Honestly, I’ve seen some of the best effort made by most of you when we’re shooting broken down old stuff. Go back and take a look at the old posts; the April Challenge 2008, the recap, and Day #8 of the 2009 Challenge. Those posts should give you even more than what I’m writing here.

Entropy is basically things that are breaking down, devolution. Our world surrounds us with things that break down. Just look around.

Entropy 19: Bricks
"Entropy 19: Bricks", by hpebley3

So, each day of the month, in April 2010, you need to photograph an entropy-themed photograph. Then submit it to our PhotoChallenge.org Flickr Group’s pool. Make sure to tag it with “aprilchallenge2010”.


2 thoughts on “April Challenge, 2010: Entropy

  1. Oh, the Entropy topic. I have a love/hate relationship with it. When found, it can make some interesting images (love) but it’s hard for me to find on a daily basis (hate) and so it pushes me as a photographer (love/hate). I guess that’s the purpose of the challenges.

    And I’m behind two weeks now on the 52 challenge. I know the shots I want, but haven’t had time to go out and get them. Oh, well, such is life.


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