June Challenge, 2010: Black & White

OK folks, we’re totally late in announcing this challenge. I think it’s one of the first times too.

Gnarly tree
"Gnarly tree", by trevorscottcarpenter


Don’t forget about the 2010 Challenge, while you’re at it. But this one is going to tap into some old skills, that many of you could use some work on. Each time I’ve challenged myself to shoot something narrow enough to make me think about each shot, I’ve grown.

The B&W Horizon
"The B&W Horizon", by Wolfman-K

It’s this simple; photograph a black and white image. Take the time to consider your lighting and contrast. These two things can effect the quality of a black and white, more than anything.

B&W Tree
"B&W Tree", by piston9

So, each day of the month, in June 2010, you need to photograph an black & white photograph. Then submit it to our PhotoChallenge.org Flickr Group’s pool. Make sure to tag it with “junechallenge2010″.


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