October Challenge, 2010: SPOOKY

"Go into the light" by T Hall
"Go into the light" by T Hall

For the October Challenge, we will be shooting and posting one photo each day on the theme “Spooky”. There are a lot of ways to get a spooky effect in a photo, and the idea of what is spooky to you is somewhat subjective. Feel free to experiment with different techniques and have fun! Here are some suggestions:

  • Take advantage of atmospheric effects, such as fog
  • Try light painting to give an unnatural appearance to the scene
  • Shoot a cemetery at night
  • Use double exposures or long exposures to capture ghostly, transparent people and movement
  • Use lighting that shows the suggestion of a human figure, but does not reveal any details

If  you need some ideas, you can search Flickr for spooky, or check out the Spooky and eerie, creepy or spooky places groups.

"Untitled" by Leanne Surfleet
"Untitled" by Leanne Surfleet

When you post your daily photo, be sure to submit it to the Photochallenge.org Flickr Group Pool, and tag it with “octoberchallenge2010″. This monthly challenge is in addition to the 2010 Challenge. You can participate in both challenges at once.

"Death Awaits" by Mr Magoo ICU
"Death Awaits" by Mr Magoo ICU

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