December Challenge, 2010: PORTRAIT

"balance" by Melissa Brooks
"balance" by Melissa Brooks

This is it! The last of the monthly challenges for 2010. For the month of December, we will be shooting one photo each day on the theme of PORTRAIT. You can take a self-portrait, a portrait of a stranger, a family member, or a friend. Be spontaneous, or plan out a formal portrait shoot. Use this opportunity to interact with a stranger on the street. Try to get some portraits that take advantage of the background and surroundings of your subject.

"Portrait" by Trois Têtes (TT)
"Portrait" by Trois Têtes (TT)

When you post your daily photo, be sure to submit it to the Flickr Group Pool, and tag it with “decemberchallenge2010″. This monthly challenge is in addition to the 2010 Challenge. You can participate in both challenges at the same time.

"VEGAS VAN GOGH" by snowriderguy
"VEGAS VAN GOGH" by snowriderguy

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