What's going on?

Well, I’ve let enough days pass without some input. As you seen by now, Jeremy has said “Farewell!“. For those who have been around for a while you’ll note that Jeremy has carried a large share of the load around here, for quite a while.

When I set out with the first photo challenge, I was simply looking to help others the same way I had been helped. I really didn’t have a longterm plan. The whole thing took off, and I began to see an increased work load, in order to keep the challenges up. Jeremy came along, and we became a good pair. We shared the load for a while, and were able to step in for each other when needed. I could NOT have kept this blog going for this long, had it not been for Jeremy’s contributions.

With Jeremy’s honest look, I had to take one too. That’s why I’ve decided to take my own break. I’m not so sure that I’ll stop these challenges forever; just for now.

Unlike many blogs, simply taking it down won’t do. There’s still too many people that stumble in, and give a challenge a try. Plus, I’ve had people ask me about particular styles or subjects, and I’m able to just send them the URL to one of the past challenges.

If you’re new, and are interested in still participating, please head over to our Flickr Group page, and continue to interact with the community. They’re not going anywhere!

And who knows, a new challenge may just appear sometime down the road!


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