2013 Challenge, Week 2: Food

Hello, photochallenge fans! It’s great to be writing for photochallenge.org again, and coming up with more challenges.

Ok, now that we have all had some time to get into the 2013 Challenge, let’s do week 2. This week is a subject that all of us have an opportunity to shoot — Food! At first glance, this might seem to be too easy for a Photo Challenge theme. After all, we eat every day. What is so special about food? Well, that is what makes it a challenge! You have a week to make your best image of some kind of food. Maybe you can photograph your very favorite meal, taking pains to arrange everything just right and getting all of the mouth watering goodness exposed and framed to really show off the meal.

“TRIPLE B BURGER” by Håkan Dahlström

Or, you could go for something more creative. Make the theme an interesting element in a scene. Maybe something out of the ordinary or unexpected.

“Mac ‘n Cheese” by Sharla Sava
“Fun Food Creations” by marc horowitz

Or take something ordinary, and take an unexpected look at it to make it into something extraordinary.

“[mb] Cabbage” by Merrick Brown
This is a theme that gives you plenty of creative potential, and lots of opportunity to find a subject. So get your camera ready, make lots of images during the week, and show us your best shot! Above all, have fun!


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