2013 Challenge, Week 3: Minimalism

Hey everyone, it’s been a great start to the year and the relaunch of the PhotoChallenge.org. I love seeing all the shots you’ve been shooting and sharing.

This week it’s time to step back and take a different approach, one I think of as more tranquil and peaceful – minimalism. There isn’t a universal definition of minimalism, but generally you want to capture the essential element of a subject with a little else as possible. Now, don’t confuse minimalism with simplicity. Simplicity is part of minimalism, but  finding a subject with few elements and free of distractions is far from simple. If you haven’t shot a lot of minimalist photos, this one could be quite a challenge.

Winter (in some places) is a great time to shoot minimalist photos. Snow cover can remove a lot of distractions.


“Fence” by Jon Ragnarsson

Sacandaga ice fishing shelter

Sacandaga ice fishing shelter by joiseyshowaa

Don’t fear if you can’t shoot snow, water is also a great minimalist subject.

River Orwell and stumps, 20 January 2009

“River Orwell and stumps” by ed_needs_a_bicycle

Or you can simplify a landscape with a single subject.


“Checking” by Frodrig

Or use color as the subject of a shot.


“Divisions” by AlwaysBreaking


“One” by daliborlev

Grab your camera and capture the essence of a subject. Once you start thinking like a minimalist, you’ll see subjects to shoot almost everywhere.

Tag your photos with #2013PhotoChallenge and post them to the PhotoChallenge Facebook group, our Google+ Community, and the Flickr group. .


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