2013 Challenge, Week 5: Beverage

OK, I think we’re getting into the swing of things around here. We’ve covered a nice variety of themes so far, and I’m excited about where we’re going. It’s been quite nice to see all the new people joining us in the Google+ Community and the Facebook Group. Our numbers have been steadily growing each week since we relaunched. Welcome all you new peeps!

This week’s theme might feel a little generic, but trust me, it’s gonna be a great challenge for you. That’s assuming that you don’t simply snap a photo of one of your random beverages throughout your week, or worse, the last thing you drink next Saturday. 🙂

Café con leche - Milchkaffee (CC)
CafĂ© con leche – Milchkaffee, by Martin Fisch

We all drink some sort of beverage every day. Start by thinking about how you can spruce up something you’re already drinking. Maybe present tomorrow’s coffee a little nicer. How about pouring that beer into a a real beer glass? Just a small touch could help you present your final image more professionally, which gives you more satisfaction with your final effort.

Mirror Pond Pale Ale
Mirror Pond Pale Ale, by Michael Fajardo

This has the potential to tap into any existing macro photography skills as well. If you wanna show off, then go all out! Alternatively, you might consider some sort of additional prop, to help present your beverage, like someone’s hand, holding the beer below.

Cheers, by david.eugene.

With some beverages, timing might be key. Pouring that awesome pint of Guinness, but shooting it 30 minutes later, you’ll end up with zero of that signature head at the top. So plan your shots accordingly. A bubbly drink will decrease it’s fiz over time. Just think ahead enough to have your gear set up, and maybe take a few test shots, to make sure you have all the settings just right.

Fizzy Purple Grape Soda
Fizzy Purple Grape Soda, by D. Sharon Pruitt

Let’s not forget that we’re posting just one single selection per theme, to our various online locations; Google+, Facebook, and/or Flickr. That’s one final photo, posted to the different places.

Also, please do not feel compelled to go back and shoot the themes you’ve missed, whether you got busy or just joined us. That ends up cluttering the various groups’ newsfeeds with past week’s posts, this week. By all means, challenge yourself! And if you want to go back and shoot the themes you missed, that’s fine. But post them on your blog and to your social media profiles. Help us keep the groups and communities focused each week on the appropriate theme.

If you tag your photos with metadata, please use “2013photochallenge”.

Now go shoot a beverage!


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