2013 Challenge, Week 7: Transportation

We spend a lot of time and energy getting from place to place – we go to work, school, church, vacation, shopping, etc. Humans go places. We go by car, boat, bus, bike, skateboard, on foot, and any other way we can. This week’s challenge is Transportation – how we get from Point A to Point B.

As you make your daily journeys, grab your camera and capture anything related to transportation. Trains always make good subjects with tracks that provide strong leading lines.

Churchill Train Station

“Churchhill Station” by Alex Berger

In many parts of the world, bikes are the main mode of transportation.

The road to Sakarra, Dec 2008 - 31

“The road to Sakarra” by Ed Yourdon

Younger folks might prefer skating their way from place to place, at times much to the annoyance of others.


“Passing” by star.rush360

OK, a few older folks still grab a board and go, like Trevor. But I dream of where of transportation will take us in the future.

Modern Man

“Modern Man” by Jeremy Brooks

Take your camera with you everywhere this week. Transportation is all around, the challenge this week may be in deciding what you want to shoot. Good luck!


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