2013 Challenge, Week 14: Portrait

We have had a few weeks of themes that lent themselves more to shooting inanimate objects, so lets do a theme where you have to point your camera at another human: The Portrait.

“Stranger 07/100” by –Adrien–

Sometimes people use the term “portrait” to describe an image that has a vertical orientation, but we are using it to mean “a photograph of a person or people”. Feel free to shoot a portrait of a person, a couple, or a family. Make the image about the people. Engage them. Pose them. Shoot them in their home environment or surrounded by the tools of their trade. Attempt to convey something about them through the image.

“Lou, Part II” by Micaela Go
“Promenade in the Rain” by Sean McGrath

If you normally shoot portraits in color, try some in black and white. If you normally shoot in black and white, try experimenting with adding color and see what happens.

“The great stare” by Brett Davies

As always, make sure you share your result with the rest of the PhotoChallenge Community! Google+, Facebook, and Flickr are the most common.


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