2013 Challenge, Week 15: Flora

Spring is finally here, even if there is still an occasional snow storm now and then. This week you’ll have to get outside and shoot Flora, or plants. You can shoot flowers, trees, grass, anything that is some kind of plant.

If you are in an area where Spring is in full bloom, maybe get a nice macro of a unique plant.

Geometry Of Nature

“Geometry Of Nature” by ~Minnea~

Or take a break at lunch and head to the park, or some other more exotic location.


“Sanssouci ” by MorBCN

You can use the lines of plants or trees, along with roads or paths to lead people into your photo.

The Bamboo Forest and some great Twitter Lists to follow

“The Bamboo Forest” by Stuck in Customs

Evening Light

“Evening Light” by RichardLowkes

Grab your camera, and head outside and explore the plant life around you. Even if you’re still frozen over, you can find some kind of plant to shoot this week. Good luck!


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