2013 Challenge, Week 16: Railroads

Railroads have always fascinated me, both for the love of trains and for the rich variety of photographic subjects and locations to visit. With the weather just right this time of year, a photographer can spend hours walking alongside the railroad in both urban and rural areas. (I stress alongside for safety reasons, please be safe and vigilant)

Railroad Tracks Ablaze

Naturally the railroad tracks themselves open up photographic opportunities from their geometric configurations to landscapes that surround them.

Railroad bridge lV

From the old to the new, railroad bridges span our rivers, canyons and roads. The variety of designs, architectures, materials used in their construction and their surroundings open up the possibilities for unique photographic experiences.

Moffit Tunnel, Colorado, Portal, Entrance, Railroad

Many railroad tunnels offer their own unique look back into history with some dating back to the early days of railroad history.

Railroad Metal Shop
Lets not forget the railroad museums who give us an insiders look into the inception of our railways from its construction to the evolution of the locomotive.

I can’t stress enough the importance of your safety. Be safe and vigilant! If you can, team up with a fellow photographer or bring a buddy for an extra pair of eyes and have fun with this photo challenge.

Participating in the 2013 Photo Challenge is fun and easy. Post and share your images with the Photo Challenge Community on  Google+, Facebook,or Flickr.


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