2013 Challenge, Week 17: Music

There are some things we can all agree on… and some things that people will never see eye to eye on. The theme this week is all of those things: Music!

“Beautyproof” by larskflem

From classical to jazz, rock-n-roll to country, and punk to bluegrass, there is some kind of music out there for everybody. This week, use your camera to capture what music means to you. Do you play an instrument? This could be an opportunity to explore a self-portrait with your instrument. Have you tried concert photography? Are there musicians playing on the street in your area? Maybe you could try capturing the experience of seeing music performed live. Or use your imagination and show everybody a unique interpretation of the theme — it’s up to you.

“jazz bass” by shoothead

“Harmonica Hinds” by Randy’s Dailies

Whatever you end up shooting, have fun with the theme. Now get out there and shoot!

“Sounds” by Fey Ilyas
“Elvis!” by kevin dooley

As always, make sure you share your result with the rest of the PhotoChallenge Community! Google+, Facebook, and Flickr are the most common.


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