2013 Challenge, Week 20: Heritage

Restoring History (_DSC3998)
“Restoring History”, by Fadzly Mubin

Valued objects and qualities such as cultural traditions, unspoiled countryside, and historic buildings that have been passed down from

Feel free to take this one and personalize it further. I’m quite interested in you expressing your own heritage here. If you have experience with light-box photography, or have always wanted to try, this would be a fun opportunity to give it a try.

The Front Porch
“The Front Porch”, by Michael Connell

Or you could show us a little of your community’s heritage as well. Maybe some architectural or landscape photography, highlighting something special would serve this theme well.

pocket watch
“pocket watch”, by Robert Müller

If I could remind everyone, please make a new photograph for the challenge. Part of the fun is that each of us are heading out during the same week seeking to create something special for the PhotoChallenge, along with everyone else. Oh, and if you get behind, don’t feel obligated to post several images in a row to catch up. Of course if you head out and capture several themes, and want to share them do so. But please only post this week’s theme to the Facebook group, Google+ community, and Flickr group. It helps keep the streams nice and neat.


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