2013 Challenge, Week 21: Architecture

“Hypnosis” by Thomas Hawk

“Architecture: Buildings and other large structures; the art and science of designing and erecting buildings.”

This weeks theme gives you an opportunity to explore the buildings and structures around you. Do you live in an area with some famous buildings? Why not take your camera out and try to capture the things that make the building famous. Do you live in a large city? Perhaps you can capture the soaring buildings that define the skyline of your city.

“bridging knowledge to health” by paul bica

Sometimes the most interesting details of the architecture are found inside the building. Staircases, walkways, and interior structures can make very interesting subjects. If you live in a smaller town or a rural area, there are always interesting and unique structures to be found. Grain elevators, barns, and sculptures are all excellent subjects.

“rural architecture” by Adam Foster
“long arm” by h-e-d

Remember to make a new photograph for the challenge. If you get behind, don’t feel obligated to post several images in a row to catch up. Of course if you head out and capture several themes, and want to share them do so. But please only post this week’s theme to the Facebook group, Google+ community, and Flickr group.

Now go find some architecture, and have fun doing it!

“geisel library” Jonathan Cohen

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