2013 Challenge, Week 22: Cliche

Ok, so this week I’m suggesting that you try for something that might be a little provocative, if you will. I’m not talking about risqué, but possibly off-putting. What? Shoot the overdone. The typical pose. The too-much-HDR. The selfie-foodie.

another reason
“another reason”, by Ibrahim Iujaz

Well, in our little world of online photography, we’ve all seen some photos (or made them ourselves) that have been done, and done, and done, over and over and over again. At this point, they’re so overdone, that they’ve become kinda cliche.

Approaching Key West
“Approaching Key West”, by Timothy Valentine

Of course, there’s more traditional interpretations of the theme: cliche, and you’re free to create images of that as well. Just get out there and push your skill level to the next level!

Amazing. It's that good.
“Amazing. It’s that good.”, by Trevor Carpenter

Remember to create a new photo for this week’s theme. And don’t be concerned if you fall behind, just shoot whatever week’s theme we’re on. Don’t forget to tag accordingly, and share your work with us all at our Google+ Community, Facebook Page, or Flickr Group.


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