2013 Challenge, Week 23: Summer

Summer – that magical time when we can relax for a few months with not a care in the world. Well, maybe only for kids. Even if you don’t have time off, summer is still pretty awesome – vacations, camping, BBQ, swimming, relaxing on warm evenings. If you’re like me, June, July, and August go by far too fast, which is why this week’s theme is Summer. You get to capture some moments and share them with us.

This theme is wide open. You can share a place, activity, or anything related to summer. Swimming is probably the most iconic summer activity, so maybe you have a favorite swimming hole.

Watch This

“Watch This” by JustinJensen

Or a take swims in more tropical waters.

wham:a different corner

“wham:a different corner” by visualpanic

Maybe there’s a special place you go every year to unwind and get away.

Our Happy Place

“Our Happy Place” by AlwaysBreaking

Or maybe you spend summer in warmer places, camping and hiking.

Under the Stars

“Under the Stars” by bhanu.t

And let’s not forget baseball. Who doesn’t love a good game and bright summer day?

A Beautiful Game Day

“A Beautiful Game Day” by lewisriley

It’s summer (at least here in the US). Get out, have some fun, and take some photos.


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