2013 Challenge, Week 24: BUGS

Here we are week 24 of the 2013 PhotoChallenge and Spring is rolling to an end. Birds are are in full nesting season and the primary source of food for their chicks are BUGS. Our gardens, forests and even our homes are fair game for insects, arachnids and creepy crawlers of all kind.

Steve Troletti Photography: Insects / Insectes / Insecta &emdash; Gerridae / gerrid�s

One of the places we’re less likely to look for bugs is on water. With the use of a polarized filter and the different textures of plants on a marsh you can achieve a unique look.

Steve Troletti Photography: Insects / Insectes / Insecta &emdash; Phantom Crane Fly / Phant�me des maraisFlies are not all pesky little creatures buzzing around our heads. This Phantom Crane Fly and other Crane Flies are found in marshes far from human presence. It’s larger size makes it an ideal subject to photograph without a Macro lens.

Steve Troletti Photography: Butterflies / Papillons &emdash; Butterfly Eggs / Oeufs de PapillonBugs come from somewhere as in the case of these butterfly eggs that will turn into caterpillars within a week.

Steve Troletti Photography: Arachnids / Arachnides / Arachnida &emdash; Spider Carrying Egg SacSpiders are synonymous of fear for many of us. If you stop to observe them for a while you’ll get to see how fascinating they can be. A great example is this spider carrying its egg sac.

Be safe and vigilant! Although most bugs are harmless, some bugs can sting you, bite you and even inject a venom that can have adverse effects on your health. When photographing in a wild environment be careful of plants like Poisson Ivy and Poisson Oak. There’s always the risk of running into a venomous snake are a large predator like a bear or mountain lion. So be safe and have fun!

Participating in the 2013 Photo Challenge is fun and easy. Post and share your images with the Photo Challenge Community on  Google+, Facebook,or Flickr.


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