2013 Challenge, Week 27: Numbers

Numbers help define our lives: our age, family size, wages, spending, time, and so on. People count and label everything with numbers. As a result, those labels surround us. Even in the most rural areas, you can’t drive down the road with seeing addresses, and maybe even the road itself is numbered.

This week challenge it to shoot numbers. The challenge isn’t finding a number, the challenge is finding a compelling shot. Addresses are easy to find, so try to find a number that isn’t an address.

a number

“a number” by ro_buk [I’m not there]

Numbers are used in many games, for counting and scoring, or for labeling the playing pieces.

number 15

“number 15” by edoardo bartoccetti

Even in seemingly the middle of nowhere, we feel a need to add numbers to provide a sense of order.

Lucky Number 34

“Lucky Number 34” byTheGiantVermin

Got your number.

“Got your number” by tricky (rick harrison)

I’ve been shooting numbers for a couple of years and prefer single numbers as the subject, but groups or series of numbers make great shots as well, like a sequence…


“Numbers ” by random letters

or a stack of random numbers.

Numbered Cups

“Numbered Cups” by srqpix

I started this post Saturday morning, then got some news that felt like a punch in the gut, followed by something gripping my heart and squeezing. It got me thinking about numbers of a different sort: statistics and odds. It’s not to do with me or my family, and I’m not at liberty to share, I just hope that as you take your camera with you this week, you take pleasure in creating your photos and sharing them with the community. Sharing, community, and photography are three things that hold a special place in my heart this week as I  think about a friend.


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