2013 Challenge, Week 36 : CONDIMENTS

We all have our favorite foods such has a cheeseburger or hot dog. What makes them even more special is the ability to customize and personalize our food with the use of condiments.
SaucesMost diners start off with the basics, Heinz Ketchup and French’s mustard….
Some excellent condiment action on those tofu burgersA burger just isn’t a burger unless you apply one of the millions of combinations that makes it special for you. From the basic mustard, relish and ketchup to onions, tomatoes, blue cheese, bacon, lettuce, hot sauce and whatever tickles your fancy.CondimentsCondiments aren’t limited to our favorite American fast foods. Our favorite Asian creations have their very own special assortment of condiments to spice things up.T-BoneSome of us just can’t enjoy a good steak without our favorite steak sauce. Some of the more popular steak sauces are Heinz 57 and A1. Some steak houses offer their very own special creation.

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