2013 Challenge, Week 37 : LOVE

"Holding Hands", by Eleven ~ NYC~ slowly going...
“Holding Hands”, by Eleven ~ NYC~ slowly going…

OK guys, this one might take some creative thinking. You can go out on the hunt to capture LOVE, or you can conceive of a nice idea, and set it up. The end result is the most important part; create a wonderful photograph.

Casualty Evacuation, Afghanistan
“Casualty Evacuation, Afghanistan”, by UK Ministry of Defence

With this one, I’d love to see you show us love in action. Try to avoid the cliche shots, please. But remember, love means different things to different people. It would be wonderful if you could seek to capture love as understood by the largest audience as possible, as opposed to a more narrow or cultural specific view. Just a thought.

“I love you forever, I like you for always”, by Deirdre B

As always, please make sure you post your submission to at least one of our little communities, found at Google+, Facebook, and/or Flickr. Some have been submitting their photo to their own blog, then posting a link, and that’s just fine too!

29th ID Soldiers return to Virginia after duty in Afghanistan
“29th ID Soldiers return to Virginia after duty in Afghanistan”, by Virginia Guard Public Affairs

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