2013 Challenge, Week 40 : MOTION

For week 40 I decided to add a little more complexity and photographic techniques to the PhotoChallenge. Photographing objects in MOTION should allow you to push your skills a touch further. You’ll find two basic categories of images that help you portray MOTION.

  1. Blurred subject with background In focus, generally accomplished with the use of a tripod.
  2. Blurred background with subject in focus, accomplished with a tripod or by panning camera to match the subject’s speed.

Motion and Stillness - BlueprintIn this example the camera is still. One subject remains still (The Man) and the other subject is in motion (The cars). While the individual remains still like the background the vehicles in movement on each side are captured blurred producing the effect of motion. A slower shutter rate is necessary to complete the effect.

motion townSimilar technique used in this image as well. The camera remains still to maintain a focused background, A slower shutter speed and the speed of the train  allow the motion to be captured.

panningFollowing your subject in motion (PANNING) will tend to blur your background while maintaining focus on your subject, thus capturing motion once again.

These are basic techniques that can produce some amazing results when you add just a touch of your very own creativity.

Participating in the 2013 Photo Challenge is fun and easy. Post and share your images with the Photo Challenge Community on  Google+, Facebook,or Flickr.


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