2013 Challenge, Week 43: Neon

Looking over the themes for this year, I was surprised to see that Neon has not been a theme yet. Well, let’s remedy that this week. Grab your tripod, and hit the streets after dark to find some neon.

There’s an entire photography subculture around shooting neon. The soft, inviting glow captivates photographers. Just do a quick search on Flickr and you’ll see millions of examples.

Neon America
Neon America by theqspeaks

Many neon signs are works of art, and if you live in Las Vegas, you can visit an entire museum devoted to the art form. Even if you’re not in Vegas, there are probably plenty of neon signs around for you to shoot.

Las Vegas Neon Race Car
Las Vegas Neon Race Car to Me by Nutch Bicer
Neon SLR
Neon SLR by Jeremy Brooks
Neon 100
Neon 100 by jbhthescots
Neon by jayneandd

As always post your best shot and share with the Photo Challenge Community.  Post and share your images with the Photo Challenge Community on  Google+, Facebook,or Flickr.

Also, if you’ve missed a few weeks, feel free to catch up and post shots from past themes. We all have busy lives, and getting out to shoot every week isn’t possible for a lot of us. No worries, look back through the themes and grab some shots when you can.


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