2014 Challenge, Week 11: STILL LIFE – TOY

Continuing with Still Life photography, this week’s theme is Still Life – Toy

One of the key aspects of still life photography is controlling depth of field. Last week you got practice with depth of field, so this week apply what you learned to still life. You can choose to go with short depth of field, but you can also be deliberate and to increase the depth of field.

This example uses a shallow depth of field to focus on the main character, leaving the scene out of focus, but still provides context.


As always, pay attention to framing and composition. The Batman shot sets a scene and conveys a story. In the shot below, the framing and shallow depth of field help also provide context for the shot. 

“Battle of Bladensburg Toy Soldiers” by Mr.TinDC

Or you can choose to take a picture of your favorite toy and use software to convey a mood.

“Toy tank and Snapseed” by Sergey Galyonkin

In this shot of wooden toys, a wide depth of field is used to allow the viewer to see all the toys. Note the lighting comes from the side, and is full to bring out the characteristics in the wood.

“Box of Hand-Made Wooden Toys” by fellowcreative

Toys are a part of every childhood. Whether you have a favorite toy of your own, or can grab a toy from one of your kids, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a subject. This week is also a good opportunity to incorporate your object, if it happens to be a toy.

Remember, still life photography is as much about the technical aspects of photography as it is about the subject. Be deliberate in your lighting, choice of lens, and how you set the scene. You have complete control, use that control to tell a story and bring your toy to life.

“Toy Cooper” by nthy ramanujam

And remember to have fun.

“Toy Fair 2012 – Portraits” by Farrukh

We all want to see your best shot! So, share your single submission with us all on at least one of our social media groups at Google+Facebook, or Flickr.


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