2014 Challenge, Week 15: STILL LIFE – CONTAINER

Once again it’s time for another still life. This week the theme is container. No, not a shipping container. A container in this context anything you put something else in. Check around the house for a jar, a vase, a bowl, etc. Part of the challenge this week is to take an ordinary object and turn it into unique photographic subject.

by Juan Fco. Marrerochild

Still life can be used to emphasize photographic techniques, like lighting. It doesn’t have to about the subject, it can be a way for you to explore techniques. It’s also a great opportunity to practice the technical aspects Jeremy has been challenging you with.

“Three Spice Jars” by Alistair Hamilton

As always with still life photography, you are in control of all aspects of the shot. You decide on the arrangement and placement of objects.

“A Bevy of Roses…” by jardinoMe

Depth of field is one of the best tools for still life photography. Experiment with different f-stops that allow you to isolate the subject.

“red hot chili peppers” by riccardo bruni

Still life is often done indoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore. If you have a workshop, barn, garage, or shed you can find something to use as your subject. And don’t be afraid to rearrange things to make a good shot.

“still life in barn” by Michael Miller

We all want to see your best shot! So, share your single submission with us all on at least one of our social media groups at Google+Facebook, or Flickr.

Also, here are the links I shared last week with some tips:


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