2014 Challenge, Week 17: Composition – Leading Lines

For this week’s challenge, we will once again practice a composition technique. This time, we will be working on leading lines. Leading lines help lead your viewers into an image. They serve as connectors, joining elements in your photo together.

“City Center | Dubai, UAE” by Jason Mrachina


Lines can lead deep into the background of an image, or lead the viewer around and around the image.

“I Watch It Go Round And Round” by Jeremy Brooks

Don’t limit your search for leading lines to the built world. The natural world has  an abundance of subject matter that can be used.

“The Wave” by James Gordon

Another use of leading lines is to draw the viewer to the subject of the photo. Our eyes tend to follow the lines, and so are led into the frame and up the stairs, following in the footsteps of the gentleman in this image:

“Up” by Paško Tomić

These images are all good examples of leading lines. I encourage you to take a look at this article as well, which has further suggestions and additional images to illustrate the technique.

We all want to see your best shot! So, get out there and shoot, then share your favorite images with us on Google+Facebook, or Flickr. The photo should be something you made this week, for the challenge, not something from your archive.

Now get out there and have fun!


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