Photochallenge Calendars – For A Good Cause

“Desk Calendar” by stopthegears

Hello Photochallenge friends! As you may have read, Trevor, the founding member of, has been fighting Leukemia for the last year or so. He has had ups and downs, but is on the road to recovery.

Gary, one of the other photochallenge authors, came up with an idea to help Trevor out with the mounting expenses related to his illness, and the rest of us think it is a great idea. We are going to publish a 2015 calendar using images that you, the members, submit! All proceeds from the sales of the calendar will go directly to Trevor and his family.

To submit a photo, go to the group on Facebook, click the “Albums” tab, and add your photo to the “2015 Calendar” album.

The photo:

  1. Must be a photo you made for one of the 2014 challenges.
  2. Must not have any watermarks; we will list your name with the image on the calendar.
  3. Should include a title.
  4. Must specify which challenge it was for.

The photochallenge authors will select images to include on the calendar based on image format, image size, and how many we can fit on the calendar. Due to limited space on the calendar, we cannot guarantee that every submitted image will be used, but we will include as many as possible. If we get enough submissions, we may consider more than one calendar, each with a different theme. Submissions will be due by the end of September, and calendars will be available for purchase by the end of October.

Submitting an image for consideration means that you are granting a worldwide, perpetual license for the image to be used in the 2015 calendar and for promotional purposes related to the calendar. is not asserting any ownership of the image, and the image will not be used for other purposes.

We are really looking forward to seeing what everyone chooses to submit, and we thank you for your support!

Update: We have had some people ask how they can submit images via Flickr and Google+. For those sites, just tag the image you want to submit with “photochallenge2015calendar”. We will use the tag to find images. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Photochallenge Calendars – For A Good Cause

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea. I do have a concern for you guys. We have rules or guidelines, but the admins don’t generally comment to try to keep participants to follow them. It then falls on the members, many of whom go not wish to offend. I love the weekly challenge, and have no desire to
    Leave the group. I just wonder why the admins don’t gently remind people of the rules? This is done every effectively by another group I follow called “photography, tips, techniques and critiques”. Thanks for your input.

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    1. Nancy, thanks for the feedback. There are only a few admins, and we get LOTS of submissions every week. We try to keep on top of it, and we do warn people when they break the rules. If you see something that seems out of place, please let one of the admins (Trevor Carpenter, Jeremy Brooks, Gary Hegenbart, Steve Troletti) know. We will send them a message.

      Thanks for being a part of the community!


  2. What a great way to support a friend in his need. I hope the project and the proceeds are a great help to Trevor. I didn’t know he was fighting Leukemia. I hope he is getting the treatment he needs and makes a full recovery.


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