2014 Challenge, Week 37: COMPOSITION – LINES & PATTERNS

This weeks challenge is to make a composition that includes lines and/or patterns.

Architecture subjects can be a good source of lines and patterns.

“windows” by Antonio Culicigno

This image has strong lines, includes a person (notice the composition puts the person on one of the thirds) and uses reflection effectively.

“Lines” by Georgie Pauwels

Lines don’t have to be straight. Curved lines can be appealing as well.

“Lines And Curves” by Jon Herbert

When looking for patterns, try to find things that are repeating in interesting ways.

“red monster” by joseph.steufer
“Disrupting The Pattern” by Matthias Weinberger
“wishbone spiral” by paul bica

The rules are pretty simple:

Post one original (Your Image) shot each week per theme posted on this blog to Google+, Facebook, or Flickr (or all three). Tag the photo #photochallenge.org. or #photochallenge2014.
The shot should be a new shot you took for the current weekly theme, not something from your back catalog or someone else’s image.
Don’t leave home without your camera. Participating in the 2014 Photo Challenge is fun and easy.

Now get out there, find some lines and patterns, and have fun!


One thought on “2014 Challenge, Week 37: COMPOSITION – LINES & PATTERNS

  1. How do I participate in the 2015 Photo Challenge calendar with my 2014 Photo Challenge Google + pictures submitted for this year? What does this mean? “Google+. For those sites, just tag the image you want to submit with “photochallenge2015calendar”. We will use the tag to find images.”
    from: Larry Nelson Google + PhotoChallenge member. Thanks


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