2012 Color Challenge

Holy cow it’s been a long time! I know you’ve missed me. I’ve missed me.

Well I’m back because I have a new idea. What’s this idea, you ask? No, you didn’t. You know the idea, it’s in this post title.

I was watching this short little video, promoting a cool app called Snapseed, by Nik Software. Apparently it’s been out for iOS devices, and it was just announced in desktop form for OSX, and soon after that for Android tablets. (Sorry, this wasn’t meant to promote some new app.)

Back to the video. The video has this dude challenging a few photographers to make an exhibit thematically geared towards one color each. Each photographer then heads out and sticks to their assigned color. It’s that simple. Go watch the video, to see what I mean: http://www.snapseed.com/

Obviously I saw this and said, “Um, welcome back PhotoChallenge.org, I missed you.”

The Challenge:

You select a color and shoot with that color in mind, all month long. Then next month, you choose another color. My goal is to shoot to my heart’s content, some months ending up with more accomplished than others. Then as 2012 nears its end, I’ll go through and select my top 9 photos from each month, arrange them into a clean 3×3 arrangement, and self-publish a 12 page book.

We really do need to know who’s participating, so we can all encourage each other. So for now, please comment with your intent, the color you’re choosing for January 2012, and where we can find your work as you publish it. For those of us that use photo-sharing websites that allow you to tag your images, please use “2012colorchallenge” or “#2012colorchallenge” to help us keep track easier.

I’ll be posting to SmugMug, Google+/Picasa, and maybe a few to Flickr (I’ve let my pro account expire there.) But at the end of each month I’ll post a recap blog post of my work at my personal blog.