Thanks for visiting I set out in late 2007 with the first of these challenges, and it has grown into an awesome learning tool for photographers of all levels.

The current goal is for you to commit to one of many photo challenges that will stretch your photographic skills. You won’t find tutorials in aperture and shutter speed. You won’t find tutorials on using Adobe Photoshop. What you will find is a constant community of interacting photographers. Learning all of that is important. However, where many photographic learning falls short, is with hands-on experience. That’s why going to a real art school is so good. You get to use a lot of good equipment, and you get to constantly interact with other photographers.

The Flickr-experience is good, but not great. Many have set unfair expectations for their experience at photo-sharing websites, like Flickr. Then, when they don’t get the contstructive criticism they expected, they loose hope. is the link between you the photographer, and your photo-sharing site. This is where many of us can join together, and commit to view and critique each other’s photography.

Now, unless otherwise stated, each of the photo challenges here will follow a common set of guidelines. These are not hard rules. They exist mostly to help us all know what to expect. Breaking the guidelines will have no consequence, other than a diminished experience for you.

  • Each submission should be shot during the time frame of the specific photo challenge.
  • Each participating photographer should be involved in an online photo-sharing website. At the very least, you should be blogging your photography. This will allow us all to interact with you, in a “public” place. We can then comment, encourage, and critique your work. The most common site is Flickr. Participating in the Flickr community will also allow you to submit your photos the official pool, making it even easier for us all to find and enjoy your work.
  • Each submission must follow the stated tagging requirements. All submissions should have the “photochallenge” tag. However, each challenge will also have its own assigned tags. (for example: The April Challenge, of 2008, had “aprilchallenge” and “aprilchallenge2008” as tags.)
  • Make every effort to keep up with the challenge’s schedule. The 2008 Challenge has a weekly submission. The April Challenge has a daily submission. If you miss a submission, just pick up where everyone else is, when you return. Don’t worry about shooting multiple shots, for each day you’ve missed.

I hope these guidelines help clarify what is expected of us all, during the challenges. Take a closer look at each photo challenge’s announcement post, for any additional recommendations.


21 thoughts on “Guidelines

  1. I’ve only been doing the challenges since the 2nd week of May, but I’m finding the more I participate, the more the creative side of my brain has been kicking in. Sad to say, it had been on hiatus for a long time, but these challenges are stretching it, getting it back in fighting form πŸ™‚

    I like the premise, “commit to view and critique each other’s photography.” I hope that as people get to know me better through my participation that they’re feel more comfortable to do the critiquing aspect, because I know from previous experience, that really does help to improve your skills.

    Thanks, Trevor, for organizing this all!


  2. Is there a list of all the daily photo challenge daily topics for the year? I can only find the posts after the fact. I am trying to find the Challenge subjects a day or two in advance.


  3. Bob, we generally announce the 2009 Challenge topics the day before. That is done on purpose. Our hope is that through the limited time to plan, each photog will grow in their ability to accept their environment and circumstances. This will push your skill level, hopefully.


  4. Hi, ussually at what time the day before, its cause I’m on the other side of the ocean πŸ˜‰ and I would like to participate, but I would like to know the theme before I came to work. Usually when I arrive at work the topic is already posted… I’m in Portugal – Europe.

    Regards, and keep up the good work.


  5. Excellent creativity in the organization of this site, I’m an amateur photographer who enjoyed back in PR something similar, a group of well known photographers would link up once a month for a photo shoot out at various locations through out the Island. We all shared and critic each others work, provided advise, guidance and overall friendship. I was hoping to find something similar, this looks pretty close to what we did. Does the group involve here get to link up together for an all day outing? Please advise.


  6. William, we haven’t really done an all day thing, because we are spread throughout the world. Yes, most of us are in the USA, but we really do come from all over.

    However, the online community at Flickr has served us quite well. The majority of us follow the daily themes, and include all the proper tags, so that each other’s work is easy to find. Then we all try to view and comment on each others work.

    If you’re on Flickr, make sure to add each day’s tag, usually “2009Challenge###”, where the ### changes each day. If you’re not on Flickr, feel free to toss a comment on the post for a day’s theme, with the link to wherever you post your photos.


  7. Hi, I’m new to this photo challenge and I am looking forward to getting started and interacting with everyone and improving my skills and creativity! πŸ™‚


    1. Trishannc, as you saw in our Guidelines, we encourage people to do certain things, but we really don’t enforce rules.

      With that said, it’s generally best for you to create the photograph and post it by the end of the week.

      For example, I’m just finishing the processing for my photo, for week #1, and it’s 6pm on Saturday evening, for me. I’ll post it tonight.


    1. The tags are primarily for Flickr, but will help on Facebook and/or Google+. If you choose to post your submissions to your own blog instead, or as well, using the tags there will also be good.


  8. I really like the challenges that ask for a story to acfompany them. So wide spread around the world provides great history and learning. Have loved how joining #photochallenge2015 had got me out and about each week, looking with “different” eyes. Thanks guys!


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