2013 Challenge, Week 29: FIRE

“Firestarter” by travelingroths

The theme for this week can be interpreted in many ways. You could take the opportunity to make an image of the men and women who fight fires, or of a fire truck racing down the street.

“color fire” by icopythat
“Jeff – City of Durham Engine #2” by Brett Arthur Donar

Since fire is an excellent light source, you could also make images using just the light of a candle, or just the light of a campfire.

“Candle light” by Alesa Dam

Or try some long exposure shots to capture fire in motion:

“Fire & Water” by axelkess
“The Entertainer’s World” by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel

Stay safe, and have fun! As always post your best shot and share with the Photo Challenge Community. Participating in the 2013 Photo Challenge is fun and easy. Post and share your images with the Photo Challenge Community on  Google+, Facebook,or Flickr.

2013 Challenge, Week 20: Heritage

Restoring History (_DSC3998)
“Restoring History”, by Fadzly Mubin

Valued objects and qualities such as cultural traditions, unspoiled countryside, and historic buildings that have been passed down from

Feel free to take this one and personalize it further. I’m quite interested in you expressing your own heritage here. If you have experience with light-box photography, or have always wanted to try, this would be a fun opportunity to give it a try.

The Front Porch
“The Front Porch”, by Michael Connell

Or you could show us a little of your community’s heritage as well. Maybe some architectural or landscape photography, highlighting something special would serve this theme well.

pocket watch
“pocket watch”, by Robert Müller

If I could remind everyone, please make a new photograph for the challenge. Part of the fun is that each of us are heading out during the same week seeking to create something special for the PhotoChallenge, along with everyone else. Oh, and if you get behind, don’t feel obligated to post several images in a row to catch up. Of course if you head out and capture several themes, and want to share them do so. But please only post this week’s theme to the Facebook group, Google+ community, and Flickr group. It helps keep the streams nice and neat.

2013 Challenge, Week 18: Agriculture

Another wonderful subject that has it’s own form and function in all the various societies around the globe, is agriculture. Stuff is grown down on the farm everywhere! What it looks like and how it’s done, is what makes it unique. Even the same crop is grown different in the US, than in the heartland of Africa.

“Agriculture”, by thegreenpages

From large agribusiness sprawled across tens of thousands of acres, to a small vegetable garden in your own backyard, agriculture comes in many forms. Tap into your abilities with traditional landscape photography. Don’t loose sense of the lines often created by farming.

“lost”, by paul bica


The science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide…

Agriculture is the backbone of India!!!
“Agriculture is the backbone of India!!!”, by VinothChandar

Let’s not forget that you can include men and/or women working those fields. In fact, you could go so far as to make this an environmental portrait. Show us the toil of tending the soil.

“Bales”, by Jim Moran

As always, make sure you share your result with the rest of the PhotoChallenge Community! Google+, Facebook, and Flickr are the most common.

2013 Challenge, Week 17: Music

There are some things we can all agree on… and some things that people will never see eye to eye on. The theme this week is all of those things: Music!

“Beautyproof” by larskflem

From classical to jazz, rock-n-roll to country, and punk to bluegrass, there is some kind of music out there for everybody. This week, use your camera to capture what music means to you. Do you play an instrument? This could be an opportunity to explore a self-portrait with your instrument. Have you tried concert photography? Are there musicians playing on the street in your area? Maybe you could try capturing the experience of seeing music performed live. Or use your imagination and show everybody a unique interpretation of the theme — it’s up to you.

“jazz bass” by shoothead

“Harmonica Hinds” by Randy’s Dailies

Whatever you end up shooting, have fun with the theme. Now get out there and shoot!

“Sounds” by Fey Ilyas
“Elvis!” by kevin dooley

As always, make sure you share your result with the rest of the PhotoChallenge Community! Google+, Facebook, and Flickr are the most common.

2013 Challenge, Week 14: Portrait

We have had a few weeks of themes that lent themselves more to shooting inanimate objects, so lets do a theme where you have to point your camera at another human: The Portrait.

“Stranger 07/100” by –Adrien–

Sometimes people use the term “portrait” to describe an image that has a vertical orientation, but we are using it to mean “a photograph of a person or people”. Feel free to shoot a portrait of a person, a couple, or a family. Make the image about the people. Engage them. Pose them. Shoot them in their home environment or surrounded by the tools of their trade. Attempt to convey something about them through the image.

“Lou, Part II” by Micaela Go
“Promenade in the Rain” by Sean McGrath

If you normally shoot portraits in color, try some in black and white. If you normally shoot in black and white, try experimenting with adding color and see what happens.

“The great stare” by Brett Davies

As always, make sure you share your result with the rest of the PhotoChallenge Community! Google+, Facebook, and Flickr are the most common.

2013 Challenge, Week 13: Entropy

Yes, yes, yes! We’ve shot entropy at least 3 other times, throughout the history of PhotoChallenge.org. But guess what? I LOVE IT!!!

“Imperfections”, by Wolfman-K

One of the past posts I simply defined entropy, with a few bullet points. I think it explained it the best.

  • A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system.
  • The tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity.
  • Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society.
  • Devolution
Just Across The Street
“Just Across The Street”, by Jeremy Brooks

The most commonly seen topics for entropy are examples of things breaking down, or devolution. But, don’t discount simply things displaying disorder or randomness.

Please Open Door Slowly
“Please Open Door Slowly”, by splorp

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2013 Challenge, Week 9: Road

Welcome to week #9 of the 2013 Challenge! Glad you’ve hung in this long!

If you’re new around here, welcome! You’re joining an awesome community of photographers who desire to increase the creative thinking behind, and the quality of, their personal photography.

Bixby Bridge from Above - Highway 1, Big Sur, CA
“Bixby Bridge from Above – Highway 1, Big Sur, CA”, by Daniel Peckham

This week I’d like to see you all head out and document a road. It’s that simple. However, take some time to think about what a road is, where you live. For some a road can be a walking path, made of simply dirt. For others, it’s a major superhighway.

California Street
“California Street”, by Thomas Hawk

For some, you might just consider your commute or path to work or school. Along that route, you’re bound to have plenty of photo opportunities that document your common road. Or maybe there’s a special place close to home where you like to visit on your days off? Where ever it is, please take some time to consider a unique or fun way to share it with the rest of us.

Pink and Copenhagen Blue
“Pink and Copenhagen Blue”, by Mikael Colville-Andersen

You might think about changing your perspective, like each of the two photos above. Or you may try photographing it in different light. Then select the best result.

Picket fence and yellow trees
“Picket fence and yellow trees”, by joiseyshowaa
Absolutely amazing scenery on the way to the White Domes!
“Absolutely amazing scenery on the way to the White Domes!”, by Alaskan Dude

As always, make sure you share your result with the rest of the PhotoChallenge Community! Google+, Facebook, and Flickr are the most common.