We sometimes think of Architectural photography as looking at a building from the outside. A great deal of Architectural engineering and design is often invested in giving a look from the inside to the outside. Windows and glass paneling connects us with the outside world, illuminating the indoors and often enhancing its appearance

Coit Tower City View

Not all windows have glass panes. Many older structures in Europe and the Middle-East have but openings carved out of the structure and protected by shutters when necessary. I find it connects us better with the world outside our four walls.

NYC Window View (a la Edward Hopper)

Not all windows give us the dream view we’re all contemplating. For some it’s but the hustle and bustle of urban life. This New York City hotel Room view is the perfect example.

Pier Window

Even this abandoned building on the peer has a dream view through it’s industrial windows that is the envy of many Malibu homes.

I'm a young one stuck in the thoughts of an old one's head. (205)

You can add portraiture to your architectural image thus enhancing the sense of being and of welfare.

Breakfast with a View
At times Photo-Realistic HDR techniques of two or more images are needed to fully capture the ambiance of a room. The brightly lit outdoor scene needs to be balanced with the poorly lit view of the room.

The rules are pretty simple:

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2013 Challenge, Week 12: Technology

Keeping in mind that the personal computer started creeping into our homes in the 1980s, technology has been evolving at an astronomical rate. Our daily lives in modern society are now entirely intertwined with technology.

Audio and video tapes are an alien concept to a younger generation who’s grown accustomed to CDs, DVDs and downloadable digital media.

For week 12 of the 2013 PhotoChallenge lets document how technology has become part of our daily lives at home, at work and even in our cars.


Paper maps and navigation tools are pretty much a thing of the past. GPS technology adapted from the military has made it to our dashboards and and even our smartphones.


Keeping in touch with loved ones while on travel is now easier than ever with video conferencing. Once an expensive proposition video conferencing is now relatively free.

Radar detector going crazy.

With the use of radar and laser detectors, technology can save us a few dollars should we inadvertently speed down the freeway headed for a state trooper with a radar gun.

lasik 030

With advances in medical laser technology an Ophthalmologist can now give you back 20/20 vision with a Lasik surgery procedure.

Formigli Raquel Stock Carbon bicycle frame

Advances in manufacturing technologies and materials even help the good old fashion bicycle become lighter, stronger and faster than ever before.

There’s a million and one ways how technology has changed our lives. Technology is now evolving on a daily basis so you shouldn’t run out of subjects and ideas for this photo challenge. Show us the impact technology has on your life.

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