2013 Challenge, Week 26: Money

“Easy Money” by Doug88888

The theme to mark the halfway point of the 2013 Challenge is Money. This theme has many possibilities. It could be a great excuse to get out that macro lens and experiment with capturing the details on a piece of money. Or you could shoot something that represents money — perhaps the financial district of your city, a bank, or a luxury item that is only available to those with abundant sums of money.

“Donations” by Jeremy Brooks

However you choose to shoot the theme this week, just share your single best image with the group. And most importantly, get out there and have fun doing it!

“Money Bought Happiness” by K-FREE

Don’t forget to tag and upload to all the right spots. Tagging is generally “2013PhotoChallenge”. And uploading happens to our Google+, Facebook, and Flickr group/community/pages.

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